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igrain.com.au is an online grain trading platform designed specifically for the grain industry, it�s now able to offer an additional new online logistics tool provided and developed by Locate Load team. This system provides you with another alternative to moving the grain after sale through an efficient transport & logistics network.

The technology allows you to source an extensive range of transport carriers to move your grain to the final destination whilst assisting you to managing the requirements for the chain of responsibility legislation.

Users are able to view:
  • The complete load booking and status in real time
  • Truck and Driver assigned to each trip
  • Compliance rego, licence & insurance records etc.
By registering and using this site, all of your specific load requirements for each load are securely captured and broadcast direct to a network of transport companies selected by you. You have the choice of either a fixed price per tonne or request a quote, all within your own hidden private online web environment - only invited parties are notified of your requests.

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(only publicly listed jobs shown here)


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